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Questions can be sent to

range is ok to shoot metal target again.

Remember Mondays still is a work day. So their is a good chance I will be their. So make sure you check before coming out on Mondays.

2015 Conard Bernhardt Cup - Match Dates!!!!!

April 25-27, 2015 --The date has been set for the 2015 Conard Cup - mark your calendars.

The CBC Championship honors the memory of Conard Bernhardt. He was one of the best known and most versatile shooting competitors our Country has ever known. Conard is best remembered for his friendliness, good sportsmanship, and ever pleasant demeanor, always going out of his way to help fellow competitors. He was a true gentleman and a man to emulate.

As in past years, The 2015 CBC Championship will consist of a combined 80 shot Smallbore Standard Rifle and 80 shot Smallbore Hunter Rifle Silhouette Match. A total of 160 shots for score will be fired during the two days of competition.

Conard Cup 2012 Results Available Here!

2015 Entry Forms Available below - Only the first 120 registered shooters shoot, so sign up now.

Conard Cup 2015 Match Program

Conard Cup 2015 Entry Form Only

Club Letter

2015 PeEll Sportmen's Club Letter

1). Guests, I don't have a problem with an occasional guest coming along with a member. What I have a problem is with the same guest coming every time. I feel this just a cheap way get out of paying. So this year I will be asking for membership cards. So don't take offense, it's just the way it will be. Believe me it's the last thing I want to do. Lee Roy was the guy that took care of that.

2). Steve Ratkie has taken over as the range officer. He learned from Lee Roy and I think he will fit right in. Other than that I hope you enjoy the range.

3). The main problem now is someone can't figure out we have the silhouettes locked up for a reason. Any chickens or pigs shouldn't be out. If so let me know. They cost around $80 each.

Steve Wooster

Pe Ell Sportsmens Club

Welcome to the Pe Ell Sportmen's Club website.

We are a rifle range in Pe Ell Washington. We offer a NRA Smallbore & Highpower Silhouette range as well as a great place to sight-in and practice for hunting rifles as well.

The range is 500 meters long with metal swingers at 200 & 300 & 400 & 500 meters. We also have sight-in boards at 50 and 100 yards.

The building is 100 feet long and is 3 sided with 2 wood stoves for heat. The benches are concrete and there are 9 of them.

We have a yearly membership which is $25 before March 31st. And $40 after that.

Directions to range as follows. Take exit 77 off I-5. Go west on State HWY 6 to Pe Ell ( about 23 miles). In Pe Ell there is a stop light take a right and head out of town for about 1.5 miles. Then there will be a little bridge take a right before it on McCormick Creek Rd. Go a half mile and range is on the left.

    PeEll Sportsmen's Club Range rules.
  1. Actions open all times while in building and muzzles up.
  2. No high power shooting on the 4 sets of rails.
  3. Don't lean any targets against rails.
  4. Only shoot the 50 yard board from the first 3 benches on left end of building.
  5. Always let someone know to have ear protection on before shooting.
  6. Always put people down range sign out while going down range. Whoever puts sign out brings it back.
  7. No glass bottles on the range.
  8. No clay pigeon shooting on the range.
  9. Clean up brass when done shooting.
  10. Keep the door closed. If it is open on arrival, close it.
  11. Put paper garbage in can.
  12. If someone is down range, rifles should be in racks or bolts out and nobody should be handling firearms.
  13. No 50 cal. BMG will be shot at the range.

.50 BMG

New Rule - Effective Immediately

Attenion Members. Due to liability reasons we are no longer allowing .50 BMG's to be fired at our club. With the extreme range of this firearm we cannot afford to have a bullet leave our range.

I have found 1/2" holes shot through our swingers as well as a crease in the ram swinger. Sorry, if you need a refund contact me.


2015 Club Range Dates


RANGE HOURS 9:00 A.M. TO 7:00 P.M.

This keeps us in good standings with our neighbors. We do not want them mad.
  • Black Powder Fun Match - Second Sunday of every month.
  • Hunter Education dates:
    • February 22nd
    • April 19th
    • May 17th
    • June 28th
  • Smallbore Silhouette Matches
    • Jan. 25
    • Feb. 22
    • Mar. 22
    • Apr. 24-26 Conard Cup
    • May 24
    • Jun. 28
    • Jul. 26
    • Aug. 22-23 State Matches
    • Nov. 29
  • Highpower Silhouette Matches
    • Feb. 1
    • Mar. 1
    • Mar. 29
    • May 3
    • May 31
    • Jun 7
    • Jul 5
    • Aug. 2
    • Sep 19-20th State Matches
  • Special Matches and Dates
    • Conard Cup April 24-26, the week of.
    • State HP Champ. Sept 19-20th
    • State SB Champ. August 22-23rd
    • Senior Fund-raiser Smallbore Silhouette match. Nov. 29th
    • There might be a couple days during the week set aside for the Lewis County Swat team

The range will having work done the week of April 20th. We will be working on the range for the matches.

Mondays will still be the range work day. So if you are planning to shoot that day you might call before coming on this day or plan on helping. We probably won't be working every Monday. Or check our website for details at

Any time you are coming down and you want to know if the range is open. Call Steve Wooster at 360-291-3088 or


2015 Pe Ell Sportsmens Club Application Form

Download here : Application